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Download Spark Framework

Spark Framework is available both on Maven Central and GitHub (java), (kotlin)

Maven Users

Add the following snippet to your POM:





Not familiar with Maven? Click here for more detailed instructions.

Other dependency managers:

Gradle : compile "com.sparkjava:spark-core:2.9.4" // add to build.gradle (for Java users)
Gradle : compile "com.sparkjava:spark-kotlin:1.0.0-alpha" // add to build.gradle (for Kotlin users)
   Ivy : <dependency org="com.sparkjava" name="spark-core" rev="2.9.4" conf="build" /> // ivy.xml
   SBT : libraryDependencies += "com.sparkjava" % "spark-core" % "2.9.4" // build.sbt

Non-maven Users

Build it yourself

Clone the repo from GitHub.
If you really want to, you can also download Spark Framework as a ZIP (from GitHub)

Dowload the jar